How It Works

Your Journey to a New Kitchen

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Every step of your journey is designed to ensure a seamless transition from vision to reality, reflecting a blend of your aspirations and our expertise.

Initial Contact

Start with a phone conversation followed by a visit to our design studio to explore product options and discuss your project goals. Once aligned, we schedule a design consultation.

Design Consultation

We visit your property for detailed measurements and to understand your project needs better, offering recommendations to bring your vision to life.

Design Preparation

Based on the consultation, we draft a detailed design ensuring it aligns with your lifestyle and project goals.


We present the design to you using advanced CAD software in our design studio, discussing every aspect to ensure clarity and satisfaction.


Upon agreement, we provide detailed plans and visuals, allowing for adjustments before finalising the design and signing contracts.


Contracts are prepared and signed, followed by ordering the required products and scheduling the installation.


Our installation team executes the project as per schedule, with regular on-site visits to ensure smooth progress and your satisfaction.


Our engagement continues post-installation, offering yearly service plans to maintain the quality and appearance of your kitchen.

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